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Polar Express Nov. 15th- Dec. 22nd 2024

Quick Details

Coach Class
Adults Ages 13+
Children Ages 2-12 (Under 2 ride free)
First Class
Adults Ages 13+
Children Ages 2-12 (Under 2 ride free)

All Aboard The Polar Express!

Live the magic of the classic Polar Express™ Train Ride story with the Adirondack Railroad. Depart from Utica’s Union Station and travel north while being served hot chocolate and cookies.

When you arrive at the North Pole, Santa will board the train visiting with each family, and giving the first gift of Christmas, the Silver Bell, just like in the book or movie!

Bring your Pajamas!: Children (and parents) are encouraged to come in pajamas. Don’t forget your camera- you’ll want to capture the memories of your time with Santa! Join the many families who come back to see us every year!

In order to ensure that you are able to travel on your desired dates, please make reservations early as this event sells out every year.

NEW for 2024:

We will have an afternoon show!! (Select Saturdays, December only)

Customers who purchase tickets online from 4/1 – 4/30 can pick their own seats!

Classes and Amenities


First Class

Coach Class

Meets Santa



Receives Silver Bell






Served Cookies (Ingredients: Unbleached flour, cane sugar, butter, egg, baking soda, natural flavor & spices)



Story Narrated



Sing-along Carols



Restrooms Available



Assigned Seating



Souvenir Ceramic Mug & Bag *Note: 1 bag per reservation, 1 mug per ticket holder.*


Table Seating (Each Table Seats 4)


Please note: If you wait until you are in the ticket line to request seating with another party we will NOT be able to accommodate your request. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy tickets?
Tickets can be purchased online or via phone with a customer service representative by calling 1-800-819-2291.

How will I get my tickets?
All tickets must be picked up in person, no earlier than 1 hour prior to departure. The reservation holder must present with a valid ID to pick up tickets.

Everyone will pick up their ticket envelope containing their golden tickets. KEEP THE TICKET ENVELOPE OUT AND READY as it is needed when you enter the platform. Please note, the email you received when you purchased the tickets is not your ticket to the train, you must proceed to the ticket window as you enter the station.

What are the Classes of Service”?
First Class and Coach Class

Once I am on board the train can I change my seat or move cars?
No. All seating is assigned. All tickets that are purchased together are sat together. If you requested to sit with a party who purchased separate tickets we will do our best to accommodate the request however, it is NOT guaranteed.

Each coach has a steward or car attendant that will seat passengers. Please be courteous as we have many hundreds of people to board the train in a very short amount of time. The steward or car attendant will seat you based on the assigned seating listed on your boarding envelope.

Is the train handicapped accessible?

Is the train wheelchair accessible?
Yes, the maximum door opening width is 26 inches wide.

How long is the trip?
About an hour and a half, round trip.

Are there bathrooms on the train?

Do people actually wear their pajamas?
Yes! Most children and many adults wear their pajamas!

If I am traveling in a group but not on the same reservation, can we sit together?
If you requested to sit with a party who purchased separate tickets we will do our best to accommodate the request however, it is NOT guaranteed.  If you have made your reservation already please call 1-800-819-2291 and let a ticket agent know that you would like to sit with another party. You can not change where you are seated at the ticket window or on the train, any changes to the reservation maybe requested within 5 business days of your departure time, no exceptions.

I can’t make the date I chose, can I reschedule?

Yes,  however this must be done 48 hours ahead of your departure time, and is subject to availability and a service charge. No exceptions.

Are there group discounts for the Polar Express Train Ride?
No, there are no discounts for the Polar Express. When ordering tickets for several families, it is best if one person takes the lead and orders for the entire group, that way you are guaranteed to have tickets for the same trip. If you order early and another party tries later and the trip is sold out, we can’t switch you or them into another trip. Also, once you get to the station and get your tickets, make sure the group leader informs one of the station attendants that your group is here and the number of people in your group so that we can help you board and sit together.

What are the ticket prices?
All children under two are subject to hot chocolate and cookies, however in first class there will be a mug handed out to only ages two and up. Extra mugs can be purchased in the station gift shop.

  • First Class Adult (Ages 13+): $68.00
  • First Class Child (Ages 2-12): $58.00
  • Coach Class Adult (Ages 13+): $47.00
  • Coach Class Child (Ages 2-12): $39.00

Children under

Where is the event held?
The Polar Express is held at Utica’s Union Station at 321 Main Street, Utica NY 13501.

When do tickets go on sale?
The Polar Express tickets go on sale at 12:01am April 1st.

How soon should I purchase my tickets?
Plan to purchase your tickets as soon as possible. Friday and Saturday dates go very fast, especially in First Class!

Can I purchase my tickets over the phone?
Absolutely! Call 1-800-819-2291 and a customer service representative will be happy to assist!

Can I purchase tickets at the station ?
No, all tickets must be purchased online, via the phone or at our cooperate offices.

When should I arrive to the station?
Please arrive approximately one hour ahead of your scheduled departure time.

Where do I park my car?
There are multiple lots around Utica’s Union Station. However, with such a large number of passengers, parking may be limited. Please make sure you are not in a no parking zone.

Do we really get hot chocolate and cookies on the train?

What can I bring on the train?
All you will need to board the train is your tickets, coats, and any other materials needed for small children.  All bags will be subject to a bag check prior to boarding the train.

Can I bring my service dog?
Service dogs are always welcome on board the train, in our gift shop and in the station/train.

Can I bring a pet dog with me?
No, live animals are allowed on any Adirondack Railroad trains unless they are a ADA certified service animal with their owner or trainer. We strongly encourage our guests to find suitable daytime facilities for your pets and not leave them in a parked car.

Can I smoke on the train?
No. There is no smoking of any substances in any railcar, platform, bathroom or any other area on board the train. This includes cigarettes, cigars, pipes, e-cigs, vapor pens and all other devices. Anyone who attempts to smoke any substance above is subject to a fine.

Will l receive a refund if I can’t make the trip?

Cancellation/Refund Policy:
Refunds back your card – Cancellations made within 7 days of a scheduled trip will incur a 10% fee. Cancellations made less than 7 days prior to a scheduled trip will incur a 30% fee.
Ride Credits:
A Ride Credit can also be issued for canceled trips. Ride Credits will be for the full amount of the ticket price and are valid for 1 year from the date they are issued.
Customers that do not call or show, forfeit their fares.

Are there refreshments on board the train for purchase?
Hot chocolate and cookies are offered in all coaches aboard the train. No other food or beverages will be available on the train. You are allowed to bring unopened bottled water aboard.

How fast does the train go?
The train averages about 30 miles per hour.

What are the amenities of First Class seating?
First Class includes, table seating, souvenir mug (1 per ticket holder). Any child under two will be sitting on a lap, unless an individual ticket has been purchased for them

Can we pay with checks?
No. Only cash and cards are accepted.

Where is the closest international airport?
Syracuse Hancock International Airport is located approximately 56 miles away. The shortest route via I-90 will take approximately one hour. Please plan accordingly. This route has tolls.