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Utica to Big Moose (Round-Trip)

Quick Details

Utica to Big Moose without Restaurant
Utica to Big Moose with Restaurant

A Great Excursion For All Ages!

Enjoy our longest scenic trip through forests, over rivers and streams, seeing all the hidden beauties of the Adirondacks.

Fun-filled outing for people of all ages! While you’re on the train, visit our café car and try the light and hearty fare as you ride the rails on the Adirondack Railroad!

Enjoy our Longest Trip with a Meal in the Big Moose Station Restaurant!

  • Enjoy a relaxing lunch at the Big Moose Station.
  • Fountain beverages, tea, and coffee are included.
  • Fare price includes tax and tip.
  • If you have any dietary restrictions please inform the station manager.
  • Limited to 50 seats.

Enjoy the Same Ride Without the Restaurant Visit!

  • You have the option to choose a box lunch at time of booking
  • The box lunch is a choice between philly cheesesteak sandwich or caesar salad, both come with chips
  • The box lunch can be enjoyed on the train or outdoors
  • You also have the option to bring your own lunch